Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Reunion

He sat at the table, anxious. He knew she would remember. But would she come? He didn’t want to think. That was the wrong chain of thoughts. He wished she would, though. How safe was it to wish?

She walked in. Graceful, elegant. The bevy of the feminine race there didn’t light the place up together as much as she did alone.

And she was nervous. Terribly so. She felt horribly out of place in here, like a newborn in full consciousness of a whole new world.

He smiled.

He thought of walking up to her, leading her to the table. He held that thought for a while. Couldn’t even feel it withering away as he just sat there in awe of her. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but her soft angelic face made him feel all warm and tingly inside. Her waistline wasn’t nonexistent, and she wasn’t a gym freak. She had a slight swell to her belly, and in some way, all that made her beauty even more natural. It left her with an hourglass figure that was very pleasing to look at.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day In The Life : Haruhi Suzumiya

They believe there is something that created the universe. Then again, maybe they’re just the ones who’re paranoid over not having a reason for existence, not knowing why or how the universe and life were created and are stressed over it. Of course, the stupidest part is that, the statement itself is a paradox. If something created the universe, how did that thing come to be?

Friday, January 15, 2010


It was here, here by this little bridge, by the river, right by the yellow fields of a flower I don’t know, all swinging and blowing in the wind under the sun. It was right here, where now the rain falls and the crops and flowers have all died and there’s blood and where I kneel in the mud and the ruin in the rain. It was here…. I know it was here. It can’t have gone away, not like this.

Maybe if I roam here long enough I’ll figure it out, I’ll figure out where its gone and why. Maybe I’ll see ghosts before me, trying to find the same thing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Mistress treachery
You cheat yourself again

Always you breathe but
Never you live again -

Existing between the fake
And the lie again

Always I hear you but
Never believe again

There you are
Disgracing love again -

Here I am
Rescuing you again

Dreams we sacrifice
Being friends again

Loving each other
Breaking ourselves again -

Useless and vain and stupid and careless
And always
Always for you.

But here we are
Murder ourselves again

Die for each other
Reminisce life again

Argue soundlessly
Beating no hearts again

Taking you down
Calling you out again

Tired of finding out
Why you’re mad again

Running from you
Trying to heal again

Shameless vanity
You hate yourself again -

And over and over and over and over

Always, always you ..........

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Only Human

No! Leave us alone, creeps!”

Her screams for help fell on deaf ears. Well, it did fall on ears, but she’d rather have them not fall at all. Even this late at night, even at this desolate corner of the street, there were five passers-by that night, in all. All of them had looked up. Two had looked, had been horrified, had hurriedly walked away. Another two had scurried away as fast as their legs could carry them, without daring to look. One had appeared slightly amused and interested, but the men shoving her around now had scared him off.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Conversations - III

“I’m fine!”
“Fine? As in, ‘fine’ fine, or Seattle Grace ‘fine’ ? “

Despite being frustrated, annoyed, irritated (not to mention late for the meeting) and miserable in general, she turned around, confused.

“What? You said you were fine. So I asked, ‘fine’ fine, or Seattle Gr- “
“I heard you the first time, I just wanted to know what the devil that means.”
“Which one? The ’Fine’ fine? Or the Seattle Grace ‘fine’? “

Drawing a deep breath, she spoke slowly and clearly.

“Mark, look. Cut me some slack, okay? My landlady’s hounding me, I just got pulled over for speeding, I’m late, the report’s late, the boss is gonna chew me out, I mean…. I feel like I’m in a goddamn Argento movie, about to be jumped on any minute.”
“Splendid. Tenebrae or Deep Red? “
Mark! “
“Alright , alright! Chill. So, Seattle Grace ‘fine’ – ‘twas a Grey’s Anatomy reference. “

“You mean to tell me, “ she was in silent killer mode again – “ that I just wasted three minutes of my precious time, just because of your pathetic pop culture references? “

“It’s SO not pathetic!” he scoffed. “It wipes the floor with ER. And that’s saying something! “
“Whatever. I’m off. Boss waiting.“ and she stormed down the corridor to the meeting room.

“Yeah. Good luck with Faustus. “ he grinned and called out behind her.

”You too, good luck with Robin’s “ she called back.

Jaw dropping, he just stood there, wondering how she came up with that. As she reached the door, she turned around and gave him a ‘gotcha!’ smile.


A/N : You'll miss the prime joke unless you're REALLY familiar with Dario Argento's ''Tenebrae''.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Monster

I used to be in love with the world.

The homebrewn grenade rests firmly in his hands. He uses his raincoat to shield It against the downpour.

I used to think we were all perfect. God made no mistakes.

He steps forward. Rain ricochets off him ; darkness is all around, the eternally lonely lights a haze in the downpour.

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